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AMIS Calls for Global Coordination, Humanitarian Aid to Prevent Global Food Crisis

With the war in Ukraine continuing to disrupt global food markets and contribute to rising and volatile food prices, international policymakers are calling for coordination and humanitarian aid to prevent the situation from escalating into further food crisis. 

A new joint statement issued last week by the ingoing and outgoing chairs of the AMIS Secretariat emphasizes this message. The statement highlights that grain and oilseed exports from major exporting countries are currently at historic lows, while crucial input prices are nearing all-time highs. The resulting price volatility is likely to continue for some time and will require producers to ramp up production and the international community to step up humanitarian aid in the meantime. 

AMIS is also calling on member countries and the world's major food trading countries to work together to ensure the continued proper functioning of global food markets in the face of these rising and volatile prices and supply disruptions. This includes ending the current blockade of Ukraine grain shipping and limiting unilateral policies like export restrictions. 

The statement was released by the outgoing chair from Mexico and the incoming chair from the United States and supported by all previous AMIS chairs.