Policy-related tools

This page brings together FSP policy analysis tools, ranging from tracking export restrictions to the impacts of agricultural subsidies.

Food and Fertilizer Export Restrictions Tracker

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to expose global food security to high uncertainty, exacerbating already soaring food prices stemming from COVID-19-induced supply disruptions and drought-reduced yields. As seen in past global food price crises, some countries have begun restricting food trade with the objective of controlling domestic food inflation. These restrictions can have dire unintended consequences for vulnerable people in food-importing countries, increasing prices and exacerbating food insecurity.

COVID-19 Policy Response (CPR) Portal

The spread of COVID-19, as well as the wide range of policy responses enacted around the world to contain the pandemic, have exerted wide-ranging effects on agri-food systems and livelihoods.

Progress Towards Ending Hunger And Malnutrition: A Cross-Country Cluster Analysis

The fight against hunger is not over yet. A fight against overweight and obesity must begin. Here you can find how patterns of malnutrition are evolving across the globe.

Agricultural Subsidies and Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Agricultural production is both strongly affected by and a major contributor to climate change, accounting for a quarter of total global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Agriculture receives around US$600 billion per year worldwide in government support. However, no rigorous quantification of the impact of this support on GHG emissions has been available until now.