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FAO Food Price Index Rose Slightly in March

Apr 5th, 2024 • by Sara Gustafson

After seven months of declines, the FAO Food Price Index rose slightly in March due to increased vegetable oil, dairy, and meat prices. The Index remained 7.7 percent below its March 2023 levels.

The war in Ukraine continues to undermine the food security of millions

Apr 4th, 2024 • by Rob Vos

The war in Ukraine continues to disrupt the country’s agrifood sector, posing an ongoing threat to food security. Damage to critical infrastructure is hindering agricultural activity and the transportation of essential food to local markets and to export destinations. This situation, together with destroyed livelihoods and high inflation, is hampering access to food for millions of Ukrainians.

More than 7 million Ukrainians face acute food insecurity

Global cocoa market sees steep price rise amid supply shortfall


Cocoa bean prices have climbed to record nominal levels over the past six months, more than doubling since August 2023 (Figure 1). This price spike has largely been driven by weather-related diseases that have reduced cocoa production in key West African countries accounting for almost three quarters of world supplies.

Reforming agricultural policies to sustainably transform food systems: CGIAR policy seminar

Mar 28th, 2024 • by Swati Malhotra

With global food systems facing various stresses—from the Russia Ukraine war to climate change—making them more resilient, health-promoting, and sustainable is more urgent than ever. A key tool in such a transformation is reforming agricultural policies and repurposing agricultural support. This is a major challenge, requiring bold action through concerted internal coordination and national-level policy reform.

Who’s afraid of high fertilizer prices?

Mar 21st, 2024 • by Brendan Rice and Rob Vos

During 2021 and 2022, global food and fertilizer prices spiked due to several overlapping factors. Demand rose as the world economy emerged from the COVID-19 recession; global supply chains suffered major disruptions associated with the uneven recovery; and the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine—both key food and fertilizer producers—generated yet another shock.