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Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Food Crisis Risk Factors: Webinar Summary Report Published

As concerns over COVID-19's potential impacts on food prices and food security continue, accurate and timely data and information are more crucial than ever. On May 8, the Food Security Portal hosted a webinar on near-real-time monitoring of food crisis risk factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, food price volatility, climate-driven shocks, conflict, and economic downturns.

The webinar clarified the role of near real-time monitoring in existing early warning systems, highlighted several existing monitoring platforms and tools, and shared some of the latest research in improving the use of real-time monitoring for food crisis assessment and prediction. The event featured an expert panel with participants from IFPRI, WFP, FEWS Net, FAO GIEWS, Tufts University, Cornell University, and the University of Illinois. The webinar also generated a dynamic discussion and a number of follow-up questions for continued conversation and future research on this important topic. To watch the recording of the webinar, read the summary report, and view the post-webinar Q&A discussion, visit the event page. To receive notification of future FSP events, sign up for our newsletter.