Crop Diseases Media Analysis

Crop pest and disease outbreaks threaten global food security by reducing food quantity and quality, potentially leading to shortages, price spikes, and hunger. Smallholder farmers in developing countries are particularly vulnerable. To address this challenge, the Food Security Portal has developed a real-time media analysis system to monitor the top 5 crop pests and diseases identified by the CGIAR Plant Health Initiative. This system uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze media articles on a daily basis, identifying the crops affected, location, scientific names, common names, and impacts of these high-priority crop pests and diseases.

The system was put into operation in 2023, and a user-friendly dashboard was created to make it easy for people to access and use the information. The dashboard features an interactive map and a detailed table presenting the results of the media analysis, empowering policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders with valuable insights to inform timely interventions and decision-making. By providing early warning of emerging threats, this tool would enable proactive measures to prevent or mitigate crop damage, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and sustainable global food supply.


Crop Disease Dashboard