Fertilizer Market Dashboard

The war in Ukraine is sending fertilizer prices soaring, intensifying fears of reduced global food production and higher food prices. Prices for all main fertilizers have spiked in view of sanctions against and export restrictions by Russia, the world's largest fertilizer producer. Prices for natural gas, a key input for fertilizer production, are up as well, resulting in higher costs for fertilizer producers and reduced output - further affecting global supplies.

The Fertilizer Market Dashboard provides you several ways to monitor this unfolding situation. The latest monthly prices for major fertilizers and natural gas are provided. Other tabs show the importance of fertilizer imports for a country's agricultural sector and exposure to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Explore these and all of the features of the dashboard below.

The tool: Fertilizer Market Dashboard

Dashboard variable description





Fertilizer and yields

Scatter plot. Relations between yield and fertilizer application rate (kg by Ha of cropland)

country level data, by nutrient or total, 3 years


Fertilizer prices

Line chart. World markets, USD per MT or Index

Fertilizer products (7), monthly data

Bloomberg, ArgusMedia

Input Cost: Natural Gas prices

Line chart. Evolution of Natural Gas prices. USD per mmBTU

EU and US markets, monthly data (based on daily prices)

NY Mercantile, ICE

Dependency Ratio

Map showing the dependency ratio (Net imports divided by agricultural use, bounded by 0-1).

3 nutrients, 3 years available, all countries



Impacts of Export Restrictions

Maps and bar charts.  Share of fertilizer imports and use impacted by export restrictions. List of restrictions (table).

All countries, 3 nutrients

IFPRI Food and Fertilizer export restriction tracker

Exposure to Russia-Ukraine conflict

Maps and bar charts.  Share of fertilizer imports and use impacted originated from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

All countries, 3 nutrients

IFPRI trade in nutrients database

Application rate

Map Total application rate by Ha of cropland

All countries, 3 years



Country Profile

Bar charts and table. Country profile with agricultural use, export, import, net imports and production. Value displayed in Metric tons of nutrients, country ranking in the world and global shares. Yields and application rate in Tons, and Kg per Ha.

Individual Country, 3 years, 3 nutrients


(with adjustments)

Main exporters and importers

Exports and imports. Bubble graphs.

All Countries, 3 years, 3 nutrients


(with adjustments)

Production and Use

Production and Agricultural Use. Maps and bubble graphs.

All Countries, 3 years, 3 nutrients


(with adjustments)