GIEWS Food Price Monitor Released

International export prices of wheat and maize remained stable but high in November , according to the latest GIEWS Global Food Price Monitor . International rice prices were somewhat mixed but generally lower than November 2011.

Regionally, wheat-consuming countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and CIS saw record high prices for wheat and wheat flour, supported by high international prices. Mozambique and Malawi saw sharply higher maize prices, between 40 and 100 percent higher than November 2011. In Eastern Africa, cereals prices were mixed, declining with harvests in some areas and increasing in other areas based on tight supplies and increased demand. In Western Africa, grains prices continue to decline from their August peaks but prices in several areas of the Sahel remain well above November 2011 levels.

Rice prices in Asia declined in several countries but remain generally stable due to ongoing government intervention.