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July 2022 - Our export restriction tracker continues monitoring food and fertilizer trade policies by the countries. According to our data there are couple of export restrictions withdrawn in the month of July. Two new restrictions have come into effective. In July 2022 we see Turkey withdrawn banning export of oil, Georgia on wheat and barley, and Kazakhstan on live cattle. On 18 July 2022, Indonesia set its July crude palm oil reference price at $1615.83 per ton. The July reference price would place the export levy and export tax at a maximum $200 per ton and $288 per ton respectively. On the other hand, new restrictions have been put in place by Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh has banned exporting rice until end of the year, while India has restricted exporting wheat flour from 12 July 2022. Please note that India earlier imposed export restrictions on wheat grain, effective from 13 May 2022, which is still in place. With this development, now the share of traded calories that are restricted due to ban or licensing has reduced to 6.84% in July 2022, a decline by around 4 percentage points from June 2022. The decline is largely due to ending of export tax and ban by Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.
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