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June 2022 - Our food and fertilizer export restriction tracker is updated when a country put restrictions on items that they export globally. We also keep tracking of the countries that announce lifting of ban or where the end date of export restriction comes to an end or expired. According to the latest news, Indonesia decided to lift export ban of palm oil on May 19, 2022, which came into effective from May 23, 2022. However, the country has reimposed a domestic market obligation (DMO) on palm oil to ensure 10 million tons of palm oil remains at home. Other notable countries where end date of their restriction has expired recently include Kazakhstan, Hungary, Morocco and Moldova. On the other hand, India has put export ban of wheat and sugar on May 13, 2022. Though India’s share of wheat export in global trade in 2020-21 was small, this has come as a shock to importers who were expecting to import wheat from the country as the large sources of the grain – Russia and Ukraine – are now blocked. With this development, now the share of traded calories that are restricted due to ban or licensing has reduced to 10.6% in May 2022, a decline by around 6 percentage points from April 2022. The decline is largely due to ending of export ban by Indonesia and Kazakhstan.
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