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The Food Security Portal Food and Fertilizer Export Restriction Tracker monitors country-level food and fertilizer trade policies. India announced three new restrictions were announced in August 2023. The new measures, particularly those impacting rice, reflect the country’s concern about rising inflation, as well as political economy considerations going into the general election to be held in early 2024. On August 19, India imposed an immediately effective export duty of 40% on onions to check price increases and improve supply in the domestic market. On August 25, India imposed a 20% duty on exports of parboiled rice, also immediately effective. This move could further reduce shipments from the world's largest exporter and lift global rice prices. On August 29, India imposed a $1,200 per ton minimum export price (MEP) on basmati rice shipments in an effort to calm local prices ahead of key state elections. All of the above measures are valid until the end of 2023. The share of global traded calories restricted due to export restrictions stood at 3% in August. (The next update will be published on October 7, 2023.)
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