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Virtual seminar

AMIS webinar: Is Speculation Driving Commodity Price Volatility?

Online seminar

Since the outbreak of the Ukraine war, agricultural futures market prices have been highly volatile, with levels not seen since the food price spikes in 2007/08 and 2010/11. Some believe that market speculators and managed money funds are to blame, by distorting market prices and thus hampering means by which producers, merchants and other hedgers can effectively manage price risks. In this seminar we will examine the role of speculation in markets and discuss the impact of speculation in previous periods of high food prices, and the role it plays in current markets.

Welcome and overview

  • Joe Glauber, AMIS Secretary ad interim


  • Nicholas Kennedy, Head of Commodities, EURONEXT
  • Scott Irwin, Professor, University of Illinois

Discussion Panel (moderated by Seth Meyer, AMIS Chair)

  • Angie Setzer, Grain Trader / Market Adviser, Consus LLC
  • Alexis Poullain, Commodity Market Analyst, AMIS
  • Carlos Mera Arzeno, Executive Director - Agri Commodity Markets Research, Rabobank