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Virtual Seminar

Launch Event : 2021 Global Report on Food Crises

Global Network Against Food Crises founding partners – the European Union, FAO and WFP
Online Event
Global Network Against Food Crises founding partners – the European Union, FAO and WFP

On 5 May 2021, the Global Network’s partners will hold a high-level virtual event to release the 2021 Global Report on Food Crises. This year's edition will feature the scale and magnitude of the acute food insecurity and malnutrition situation in 55 countries and territories. It will present the latest data and most recent trends of increasing levels of acute food insecurity and related key drivers which have been aggravated by the compounding effects of COVID-19.

Objectives of the event

This event will enable participants to receive the latest data and information on how many and why people are facing acute hunger and malnutrition in countries that experienced food crises in 2020, as reported in the new edition of the annual Global Report on Food Crises.

The event will also promote a collective reflection and discussion on the challenges ahead, on the opportunities for effective action and on the political commitments needed to eradicate food crises. The discussion will particularly examine the current measures and those that should be adopted to address current food emergencies and the aggravating impact that COVID-19 has had on food crisis contexts. Ultimately, the event will provide an opportunity to emphasize the role that resilient agri-food systems play in contributing to sustainable solutions to food crises, thus linking it to the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.

Participation and interventions

All Global Network’s partners and interested parties are invited to attend the event. The event will benefit from the high-level participation of Global Network’s key partners at executive level and keynote speakers, with the overall facilitation of Dr David Nabarro, Strategic advisor Food Systems Summit Dialogues.



Alongside the report, the Global Network’s core partners will issue a Press Release and a Joint statement outlining their collective commitment to respond to multiplying food crises across the globe that are being compounded by new and old global challenges, as well as their plan to protect and strengthen food systems to sustainably address food crises.