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FSP Launches New Courses on Economic Modeling

Mar 29th, 2023 • by S. Gustafson

The Food Security Portal E-learning Platform has launched two new courses: “General Equilibrium Models – an Introduction” and “Advanced General Equilibrium Models.”

Led by IFPRI Senior Researcher Antoine Bouet, these courses will introduce participants to computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling, a powerful tool for analyzing a wide range of food policy issues at both the country and the global level.

Cereal, Vegetable Oil Prices Reached Record High in 2022: FAO Food Price Index

Jan 12th, 2023 • by S. Gustafson

The FAO Food Price Index continued its nine-month decline in December 2022, falling by an additional 1.9 percent. The decline was driven mostly by falling vegetable oil, cereal, and meat prices. However, overall in 2022, the Index was over 14 percent higher than its 2021 level, reflecting continued high prices driven by conflict, climate, and market concerns.

Urgent Call for Global Action as Food Prices Continue to Rise

Apr 17th, 2022 • by S. Gustafson

Last week, the heads of the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, United Nations World Food Program, and World Trade Organization issued a joint statement calling for urgent global action on food security in response to skyrocketing global food prices.

Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Food Crisis Risk Factors: Webinar Summary Report Published

Jun 16th, 2020 • by Sara Gustafson

As concerns over COVID-19's potential impacts on food prices and food security continue, accurate and timely data and information are more crucial than ever. On May 8, the Food Security Portal hosted a webinar on near-real-time monitoring of food crisis risk factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, food price volatility, climate-driven shocks, conflict, and economic downturns.

Special Event: Webinar on new Global Foresight for Food and Agriculture Tool

Dec 1st, 2019 • by Sara Gustafson

Join the Food Security Portal (FSP), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) in the launch of the global foresight tool Impacts of Alternative Investment Scenarios. The tool was recently developed by IFPRI’s IMPACT model team and the FSP. The Global Foresight tool provides researchers and policymakers with a flexible way to explore the impact of various agricultural investment scenarios on agricultural production, productivity, and hunger for the period 2010-2050.