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Policy Dialogue

National Policy Dialogue: Building Productive Capacities for Rwanda’s Agricultural Transformation, Rural Development, and Food Security

Event Report
Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda (EPRN)
Lemigo Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda
Food Security Portal, EPRN, and IFPRI

Rwanda has made remarkable progress in the past two decades, highlighted by rapid economic growth and sharp reductions in poverty. The Rwandan government remains strongly committed to ambitious development goals, efficiency and transparency in implementation, strong collaboration with the private sector, and diplomacy through regional and global partnerships.


Rwanda currently has a unique opportunity to accelerate its agenda for sustainable development and inclusive growth by placing greater emphasis on agricultural transformation and rural development. There are new opportunities to diversify the agricultural sector, strengthen the agri-food system, build non-farm rural enterprises, and offer new exports to the world market with strategic investment in market infrastructure and private sector-led value chain development. Enhanced productive capacities will play a central role in harnessing these opportunities to transform Rwanda's agriculture and rural economy.

The Food Security Portal, in partnership with the Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda (EPRN), held a one-day national policy dialogue on building Rwanda's productive capacities. The event was a follow-on to the 6th EPRN Annual Economic Research Conference and emphasized engaging up-and-coming members of the policy and research communities, including policy analysts from MINAGRI, lecturers from the University of Rwanda, members of the EPRN network, students, and youth.

Find the summary report here.