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High-Level Event for the launch of the Global Report on Food Crises 2022

Global Network Against Food Crises, Food Security Information Network, and FAO
Online seminar
Global Network Against Food Crises, Food Security Information Network, and FAO

Over the last five years, the number of people experiencing acute hunger and requiring urgent food, nutrition and livelihood assistance has been consistently above 100 million, according to the annual Global Report on Food Crises. This year’s edition indicates alarming increases in the number of people in the most severe phases of acute food insecurity, recording unprecedented levels of hunger worldwide.

On 4 May 2022, the Global Network Against Food Crises will release the latest numbers on people facing acute hunger and malnutrition in crisis-prone countries in a new edition of the Global Report on Food Crises. The report is facilitated by the Food Security Information Network. 

The event will draw high-level panelists to address the latest acute food insecurity and malnutrition drivers and trends in countries with food crises, and timely review the measures required to tackle current emergencies.  

The high-level event will also size the opportunity to assess the preliminary impact of the spill-over effects of the crisis in Ukraine on food crises and fragile food systems. Moreover, the event contributes to the debate initiated by the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021 and provides an opportunity to solicit global thinking on the action needed to stem and turn the tide on the rising number of acute food insecure populations and the rebuilding of broken food systems

The Global Network’s core partners will issue a Joint Communique outlining their collective commitment to respond to multiplying food crises across the globe that are being compounded by new and old global challenges, as well as their plan to protect and strengthen food systems to sustainably address food crises. 

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