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Global fertilizer trade 2021-2023: What happened after war-related price spikes

Apr 12th, 2024 • by Charlotte Hebebrand and Joseph Glauber

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 sent a shock through global fertilizer markets. All agricultural trade in the region was disrupted for a time, and a number of countries imposed economic sanctions on major fertilizer producers Russia and its ally Belarus (the latter already targeted pre-invasion by European Union fertilizer export sanctions). Prices spiked, resulting in fears of widespread impacts on agricultural production. Since then, fertilizer prices have fallen from those initial highs and new trade routes and patterns have emerged.

FAO Food Price Index Rose Slightly in March

Apr 5th, 2024 • by Sara Gustafson

After seven months of declines, the FAO Food Price Index rose slightly in March due to increased vegetable oil, dairy, and meat prices. The Index remained 7.7 percent below its March 2023 levels.

The war in Ukraine continues to undermine the food security of millions

Apr 4th, 2024 • by Rob Vos

The war in Ukraine continues to disrupt the country’s agrifood sector, posing an ongoing threat to food security. Damage to critical infrastructure is hindering agricultural activity and the transportation of essential food to local markets and to export destinations. This situation, together with destroyed livelihoods and high inflation, is hampering access to food for millions of Ukrainians.

More than 7 million Ukrainians face acute food insecurity