Cocoa, as the key ingredient in chocolate production, holds a central role in the global confectionery industry. Primarily grown in West African countries, such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria, these nations collectively contribute a substantial portion of the world's cocoa production. 

 Cocoa cultivation is a labor-intensive process that often involves smallholder farmers, making it a significant source of livelihood for millions of individuals and their families in cocoa-producing regions. Industry plays a crucial role in supporting communities, providing employment, and contributing to the economic development of these areas. 

 However, cocoa cultivation is not without its challenges. The vulnerability of cocoa plants to disease outbreaks, pests, and adverse weather conditions poses serious risks to production. Diseases like black pod disease and pests like the cocoa pod borer can devastate cocoa plantations, leading to reduced yields and impacting cocoa prices. Addressing these challenges requires effective disease and pest management practices to safeguard cocoa production. 

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