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New Tool Tracks Food and Agriculture Policies

Knowing which types of policies are appropriate in a given country’s political, economic, and social context is key to ensuring that enacted policies are truly effective and inclusive. This is especially true for agriculture and food security, when well-timed and targeted policies can have significant effects on vulnerable populations.

To help policymakers and researchers better identify appropriate policies, the Food Security Portal now features a policy decision visualization drawn from the FAO’s Food and Agriculture Policy Decisions Analysis Tool. This web-based tool includes more than 6,000 policy decisions from over 70 countries enacted since 2007. It covers policies regarding everything from safe drinking water and food safety guidelines to land ownership and taxes on agricultural inputs. Users can select their country of interest to explore recent policy decisions made within that country; for example, Figure 1 below shows that Ghana currently has two policies regarding access to credit, which users can then click on to read about further.
Figure 1


For a full description of the FAO tool and how to use it, please visit the FAPDA tool web page and select the User Guide.