Malnourishment on a young age can translate into long-lasting problems for a child.

'Stunting' is growth retardation, due to a chronic lack of calories and micronutrients. It can result in greater risk for illnesses and delayed mental development. The WHO estimates the world total of stunted children under five at 161 million (2015).

'Wasting' is low-weigth-for-height, the result of acute starvation or chronic undernutrition. An incidence of higher than 5% is considered alarming, as mortality increases in parallel. Above 10% the problem is serious, above 15% critical. The world total is 51 million (WHO).

'Low birth weight' points to an infant weighing less than 2.5 kilo at birth. It can be the result of a preterm birth, or by risk factors in the health of the mother (young age, poor nutrition, drug addiction, alcohol abuse).

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