Food and nutrition security (FSN) is a complex issue, encompassing food availability and accessibility, stability of food supplies, utilization of food, and food quality and safety. The drivers of FSN (such as purchasing power, demographic changes, education, international trade, and sanitary regulations, to name just a few) can also differ significantly over the short and long terms, as well as within and among households and across countries. Simple solutions and analysis will not be enough to effectively address the issue of FSN; real solutions will require systematic analyses of all of these drivers.

Long-Term Drivers of Food and Nutrition Security, a working paper authored by IFPRI researchers David Laborde, Simla Tokgoz, and Maximo Torero for the FOODSECURE project, provides a systematic framework to study the long-term drivers of FSN, ranging from the household level to the global market level. The typology of variables presented in this framework can help researchers analyze a variety of drivers, looking at both direct and indirect effects among households and among and within countries.

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