This manual was prepared for and used in the 1996 Bunda/IFPRI/SADC course in food and nutrition policy analysis. The objective of this manual is to introduce the user to SPSS Data Entry and SPSS Base statistical routines. It is meant as a basic introductory text and is designed for a one-week course (including exercises).

The manual has two parts. The objective of the first part is to give an introduction into the most important commands of SPSS Data Entry module. The second part covers basic computations and statistical routines, including t-test and ordinary least squares regressions. The manual can also be used for self-study. In fact, in order to become proficient in SPSS (as in other software programs) one has to repeatedly practice all the commands and routines.

Other Reading Materials:
Food, Agricultural, and Nutrition Policy Research--Basic Data Analysis with SPSS
Training Manual. Bunda/ IFPRI/ SADC. Manfred Zeller, Charles Mataya, Karid Chirwa, and Franklin Simtowe. September 1996.

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