The World Bank has released its Food Price Watch for February, citing estimates that suggest an additional 44 million people may have fallen into poverty in low- and middle-income
countries due to the rise in food prices since June 2010. The overall global rise in food prices has been driven by increases in the prices of wheat, maize, sugar, and fats and oils. (Track the rise in global commodities prices and futures prices with agricultural commodities tools )

The current global food security situation has not reached the crisis level of 2008, however. Two factors have helped to mitigate the impact of volatile prices. Good harvests in many African countries have kept prices stable, especially for maize, a key staple in the region. Additionally, increases in global rice prices have been moderate, and the outlook for the rice market appears stable.

Download the full Food Price Watch below.

Food_Price_Watch_Feb_2011.pdf796.41 KB
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