The "Export destination" and "Import origin" maps are constructed with data provided by the BACI: International Trade Database. BACI is a global trade database disaggregated at the product level. The original data is sourced from the UN Statistical Division, COMTRADE, and was processed and homogenized by CEPII. The database provides bilateral trade information (both imports and exports) for more than 200 countries.

The tool displays all food commodities traded between countries, both in tons and in US dollars. This allows users to construct customized visualizations of the trade dynamics between countries for different commodities and groups of commodities over time from 1998 to 2014. Users can select a single importer (or exporter) to examine the relationship between individual countries or a range of importers (or exporters) to look at regional or global trends. Similarly, commodities and commodity groups can be analyzed individually or as a whole. The tool can provide a better understanding of how agricultural production, agricultural and food trade, and food consumption respond to changes in trade policies and restrictions.

Export destinations (tons)

Export destinations ($1,000)

Import origins (tons)

Import origins ($1,000)

Data source: BACI (base pour le commerce international)

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