Children in line at food distribution center, Honduras. Photo Credit: Flickr (FMSC)

BY: Rachel Kohn

Child migration from Central America to the US can be attributed to different socioeconomic factors depending on the point of origin, demanding tailored multisectoral domestic solutions.

New labeling system may bring safe, affordable maize flour to Kenyan consumers

BY: Vivian Hoffman

Kenyan consumers are demanding maize flour that is safe from contamination by aflatoxin, a chemical linked to cancer and other health problems. The toxin, produced by certain fungi, is commonly found in maize from several regions of Kenya due to a combination of environmental conditions and poor post-harvest practices.

Produce sale at local market in Malawi. Photo Credit: Flickr (IFPRI)

BY: Rachel Kohn

G20 Ministers of Agriculture met in Istanbul on 7-8 May 2015 for the first time since 2011 to address rising challenges concerning food security.

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27 April 2015, Rome – Millions of pastoralists will benefit from a new online knowledge hub that will help them raise their voices in international policy debates and share valuable information to strengthen their agricultural livelihoods.

The Pastoralist Knowledge Hub – launched today by FAO, the European Union, Germany and other partners – will enable mobile livestock keepers to connect, to meet and discuss issues like agricultural innovations or land regulations and find shared solutions to common challenges.

BY: Summer Allen, Research Coordinator at IFPRI

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The India Food Security Portal provides policy research, capacity-building resources, and an active and inclusive policy network that is fostered through interactive dialogues on food security. The goal of the India Food Security Portal is to inform the policymaking process and ensure that food security-relevant policy processes at the national and state levels in India are more effective at addressing food insecurity.

Agricultural extenionist addresses farmer group in rural Malawi. Source: Flickr (Kirk Mason/Global Devlab)

SPOTLIGHT: Pilot project in Malawi

BY: Kate Ambler, Alan de Brauw, and Susan Godlonton

Boys and cattle in Ethiopia. Photo Credit: Guush Berhane Tesfay/IFPRI

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This content is republished with permission from the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET).

Photo Credit: Flickr (Ben Edwards/USAID)

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At last week's ICTSD dialogue on the needs of agricultural exporting and importing countries, export restrictions received a lot of negative attention. Panelist Joseph Glauber, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and former Chief Economist at the United States Department of Agriculture, shared his insights on the matter via email with Food for Thought: