How is a country affected by changes in the global prices of its export and import commodities?
What is the change in short-run prices when a country’s food supply is increased?

Answering such questions can pose a major challenge to global policymakers as they strive to respond to global and national food crises. It is essential that policymakers and researchers have access to the latest food security research and policy tools in order to strengthen national and global capacity to respond effectively to food policy challenges.

The Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI, has launched new beta versions of interactive tools designed to answer these research questions. Additional interactive policy analysis tools are forthcoming.

The Terms-of-Trade Effect tool allows researchers and policymakers to estimate the effect of a change in the world price of a commodity on the value of a country's exports and imports as a percent of GDP. The Short-Run Impact of Releasing Food Stocks tool allows users to determine the proportional change in price resulting from an increase in supply of a commodity. These tools will help strengthen policymakers’ capacity to respond quickly and effectively to the dynamic global food security situation, ultimately leading to poverty reduction, agricultural growth, and economic development.

Access the beta version of the tools for Terms-of-Trade Effect and Short-Run Impact of Releasing Food Stocks.

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