FEWS Net has released its latest Global Weather Hazards Summary for March 11-17, 2016. The report covers ongoing and recent weather conditions throughout the world; this latest report covers Africa, Central Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.
While rains have increased recently in drought-stricken southern Africa, these increases will not be enough to overcome long-term seasonal moisture deficits and crop damage. In the Gulf of Guinea, rainfall has been low for the second season, resulting in early season moisture deficits across southern Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and southwestern Nigeria. While light to moderate rainfall is expected in the coming weeks, it may not be enough to replenish water supplies in the region.

In parts of Central Asia, temperatures are expected to be 8oC above normal in the coming weeks, and drought is ongoing across most of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

There are no hazards are currently posted for Central America and the Caribbean; conditions in the region are generally favorable, with rainfall normal or above average in most places.

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