The FAO Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) has released several special alerts since the start of 2011. GIEWS alerts are the result of rapid evaluation missions and give information on countries' crop production, food supply situation at national and sub-national levels, and food aid needs. This regional and country-level information is essential for the international community to respond to crises in the developing world. Recent alerts have covered recent droughts in China and floods in South Africa.

Such regional alerts can also have global implications. For example, lower-than-average rainfall, and subsequent lower crop production, in a commodity exporting country can impact global food prices, global trade policies, and global stocks of that commodity. Thus, up-to-date information at the country and regional level is also essential in maintaining and improving global food security.

Download the latest GIEWS Special Reports below.
For more information regarding GIEWS, visit the FAO GIEWS website

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