The importance of global food security is being reinforced in various global venues, from the G8 summit last week to the upcoming Rio+20 conference. The upcoming G20 meetings in Mexico will also bring increased attention to the challenge of food security, addressing ways to increase food production and agricultural productivity on a sustainable basis to promote food security and foster economic growth worldwide. In support of this goal, IFPRI, CTA, and the Mexican government have partnered with African regional farmers' organizations to present a set of recommendations for consideration by the G20. These recommendations were created as a follow-up to the November 2011 Brussels Briefing on Food Price Volatility and address concerns impacting farmers' and fishers' organizations worldwide.

Included in the recommendations are ways to decrease the frequency and mitigate the impacts of price volatility, such as the development of tools to increase transparency in agricultural markets and reduce harmful financial speculation. The document also addresses issues of climate change and biodiversity and a prioritization of programs for women and children.

Read the full set of recommendations from farmers' and fishers' organizations to the G20.

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