The FSP Data API is a way for developers or casual users to get links to FSP data either in web form or in downloadable spreadsheet-friendly CSV files. Many users will find that the query builder is the easiest way for them to make requests to the FSP Data API. The query builder is located at and can be found by clicking on "Developer Toolkit" section of the FSP and then "Data API":

Steps to generate your query:

  • Select a dataset of interest. You will be taken to a page which describes the selected dataset. Click "View data" to examine this dataset or further refine your query.

  • Examine the data returned for this dataset. If this dataset is what you want then copy the link at the top of the page and share it or use it in your application.

  • To select a different dataset, view data for a single country, or get the results as a spreadsheet-friendly CSV file use the query builder. Refine the query using the dropdown menus and the Query URL will be constantly updated to reflect your changes. You can click on the Query URL at any time to view the result of your query.

  • When the query displays the data that you want just copy the link to share or use in your applications.