The Democratic Republic of Congo is still recovering from years of war and political upheaval, and continues to face significant humanitarian challenges. In 2012, the DRC ranked 27th out of 79 countries on the Global Hunger Index. About 70 percent of the population lacks access to adequate food, while one out of every four children is malnourished (WFP 2012). Six out of eleven of the country’s provinces continue to experience general acute malnutrition rates above 10 percent; several provinces (Maniema and Kasai) have rates above 17 percent.

Agricultural Production
Agricultural Production2013201420152016
Rice Production
FAO 2016
307,155 MT308,577 MT307,383 MT306,190 MT
Wheat Production
FAO 2016
8,535 MT8,304 MT8,196 MT8,208 MT
Maize Production
FAO 2016
1,178,997 MT1,175,501 MT1,177,390 MT1,179,279 MT
Soybean Production
FAO 2016
20,434 MT20,943 MT22,000 MT21,000 MT
Agricultural Exports
Agricultural Exports2013201420152016
Rice Exports
FAO 2016
170.00 MT3.00 MT0.00 MT2.00 MT
Wheat Exports
FAO 2016
430.00 MT MT0.00 MT0.00 MT
Maize Exports
FAO 2016
224.00 MT54.00 MT5.00 MT0.00 MT
Soybean Exports
FAO 2016
MT351.00 MT0.00 MT0.00 MT
Agricultural Imports
Agricultural Imports2013201420152016
Rice Imports
FAO 2013
81,667 MT71,141 MT32,302 MT44,045 MT
Maize Imports
FAO 2016
39,138 MT31,819 MT14,026 MT18,315 MT
Soybean Imports
FAO 2016
87.00 MT214.00 MT120.00 MT19.00 MT