Chad is a land-locked, low-income, food-deficit country, ranked163th out of 169 countries in the 2010 UNDP Human Development Index (WFP). It ranks among the poorest nations in the world, with 55 percent of its 11.2 million citizens living below the poverty line and 36 percent living in extreme poverty (World Bank).

Agricultural Production
Agricultural Production2013201420152016
Rice Production
FAO 2016
378,426 MT304,112 MT243,478 MT257,701 MT
Wheat Production
FAO 2016
1,757 MT809.00 MT965.00 MT1,742 MT
Maize Production
FAO 2016
417,986 MT332,889 MT349,500 MT443,779 MT
Agricultural Exports
Agricultural Exports2013201420152016
Rice Exports
FAO 2016
0.00 MT MT0.00 MT2.00 MT
Agricultural Imports
Agricultural Imports2010201120122013
Rice Imports
FAO 2013
10,936 MT1,012 MT7,850 MT1,016 MT
Wheat Imports
FAO 2012
25,928 MT29,598 MT32,800 MT30,000 MT
Maize Imports
FAO 2016
12,590 MT11,500 MT17,812 MT17,791 MT
Soybean Imports
FAO 2016