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U.S. Dollars/Kg
FAO 2014

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 2014. Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS). Available online at http://www.fao.org/giews/pricetool/

This data represents the best available monthly price information for each country expressed in U.S. dollars per Kg.

The FAO data comes from GIEWS. Note that seasonal patterns such as harvest periods may account for some of the variations in prices. Notes about variations in each commodity and location are given below, with source information following each country:

Bangladesh; Wholesale; National average.
Brazil; Wholesale; National average.
China; wheat (flour); Retail; Average of market prices in 50 large and medium cities.
Colombia; Wholesale; Wheat flour; Bogota.
El Salvador: San Salvador, Wheat (flour), wholesale.
Ethiopia; Retail; Addis Ababa: Wheat.
India; Retail; Mumbai: Wheat.
Indonesia; Retail; National average; Wheat flour.
Pakistan; Retail; Peshawar: Wheat.
Peru; Wholesale; National average; Wheat (durum).