Webinar hosted by the Food Security Portal

8 May 2020, 9:00 - 10:30 EDT

Food security and nutrition security, particularly in
low-income countries, continue to face significant
challenges, from volatile food prices, climate
change-driven shocks, and conflict to pandemics
and economic downturns. A number of research efforts exist around the world to allow near-real-time monitoring of these and other risk factors that drive food crises. This work includes monitoring production-related information, climate and conflict data, price information, and other factors in order to identify the likelihood of acute food insecurity and help policy makers enact timely policy responses.

On May 8, the Food Security Portal will host a webinar on these important food crisis risk monitoring efforts. The event will highlight priority research and policy questions, identify gaps in existing monitoring efforts, and pinpoint opportunities for collaboration to inform policy. We invite researchers, policy makers, and other stakeholders interested in this topic to attend this virtual event in order increase collaboration among research teams and expand the scope and reach of food crisis risk monitoring efforts.

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