The 2012 G20 Summit recognizes the importance of and interlinkages between issues such as economic stability, sustainable growth, climate change, and food security. In order to address these challenges in the face of a growing global population, G20 leaders have worked closely with leading international institutions, including the FAO, IFAD, WFP, and IFPRI, to further the action plans established at the 2011 Summit and address additional steps to ensure sustainable global growth and development. The priorities of the Mexican G20 Presidency encompass:

  1. Committing to economic stabilization and structural reforms to promote growth and employment.
  2. Strengthening the global financial system and fostering financial inclusion.
  3. Improving the international financial environment
  4. Enhancing food security and addressing the challenges of commodity price volatility.
  5. Promoting sustainable development, green growth, and climate change mitigation.

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