As food prices rose in 2010, the issue of food security was once again brought to the forefront of global attention. Wildfires in Russia, floods in Pakistan and Australia, and drought in China contributed to widespread concern about the cost and sustainability of the world’s food supply. With high and volatile food prices causing potential long-term problems for economic growth and poverty reduction, particularly in the developing world, the need for research-based policy responses is clear.

During 2010, IFPRI research has continued to have significant impact on the global food security discussion, from the impacts of price volatility to the crisis of child undernutrition.

Dowload the IFPRI research monograph on the 2007-08 food crisis.

Download the IFPRI Policy Brief on the role of the developing world in global food security.

See all of IFPRI’s work on food crises and food security.

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